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In collaboration with Deloitte, our team crafted a 90-second animation for their internal consulting conference. Our objective was to showcase the synergy within their commercial offices, highlighting their role in activating innovative business ideas within new markets and among new buyers. Our challenge involved distilling intricate financial and technical marketing concepts into visual illustrations that effectively educated viewers and provided a enjoyable viewing experience. This project demonstrated our proficiency to flex various creative muscles, from copy and creative direction to art direction and motion graphics, all delivered within a demanding timeframe. The end result was a visually creative and impactful video that exceeded the client's expectations.
Client: Deloitte
Producer: Pia Rizzo-Wittlin
Creative Direction: Ian Lewis Campbell, SAM ALEXANDER
ART DIRECTION: Sam Alexander, Damian Szczepara
Design: Michael Barakat, EMILY THOMPSON, Sam Alexander
Animation: Emily Thompson
Sound & Mix: Gaelan Mullins
Storyboard & Style Frames

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