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I had the privilege of creating a 30 second title sequence and marketing art for the 2019 New York Film Festival theatrical experience, The Raven. Lance and Ava made it clear from the start that they needed the sequence and art to showcase the real Edgar Allan Poe; the dark events that shaped his life and the manner in which he captured the beauty and horror of death in his stories. Drawing from over fifty short stories, poems and historical letters, the show crafts an immersive virtual and theatrical experience of mystery and suspense as participants discover Edgar Allan Poe's literary genius, descent into madness and the truth behind his mysterious disappearance and untimely death. 

Head of Production: Lance Weiler
Producers: Ava Lee Scott, Nick Childs
Editor: Rachel Ambelang
Sound Design: Man Made Music
Motion Test
Logo Designs
Poster Designs

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