When spare time collides with creative inspiration it can spark some beautiful designs.
Designs for the 2019 Facebook World Summit. I was tasked with creating a sequence of designs incorporating the art of Aaron De La Cruz and Ricky Watts.
1st round of designs incorporating the work of Aaron De La Cruz
2nd round of designs incorporating the work of Ricky Watts
CRL World Finals Event Opening
Design pitch for the Clash Royale League 2018 World Finals in Tokyo! Inspired by traditional Japanese brush painting, the idea behind these designs was to capture the energy,  personality, and spirit of each competing League. It was a bit more challenging than I previously anticipated, finding the right balance between wet running ink and opaque colored paint strokes. In the end these two techniques blended together quite nicely. Unfortunately, they ended up going a different direction entirely and these never made it into final production.
Bowery Pack
Illustrated poster for Backpacks For Life non-profit, showcasing their new Bowery Pack. Incredible people with an amazing story and mission. Illustrated and inked traditionally, I couldn't also help but turn it into design panel sequence.
Designs for the 2018 Superbowl Half-Time Show ten second countdown sponsored by Pepsi. The idea behind these designs was to showcase over one hundred years of Pepsi's history through vintage ads and marketing. They loved the designs but unfortunately ended up going in a different direction with the project.
Design concepts showcasing the universe in which Riots characters would live for the  League of Legends 2018 Season Start promo. My responsibilities included the layout of the logo, type and background design.
Castle Rock
Design frames for one of the many concepts for the main title of Castle Rock. Produced at Imaginary Forces. Check out the finished opening title here.
Clash Royale League
I had the privilege of pitching a few designs for the launch of Supercell's 2018 Clash Royale League. My vision for this project was to create war torn propaganda posters and vintage comic manuals calling the CR fans to answer the call and join the League. This style was to be incorporated with provided logos into the informational stretch thumbnail which would be used for both social media and a printed accordion brochure. For the second round of designs, the client wanted to utilized the thumbnail drawings but keep the look strictly cinematic without the added comic design. They ended up moving in a different direction entirely, but I still had a blast creating these.
The Good Cop
One of several design explorations I helped pitch for the TV series The Good Cop. Inspired by Friz Freleng's work and the opening title sequence to The Odd Couple, I similarly aspired to convey both character's opposite personalities in a comical, light hearted manner to coincide with the shows opening theme song.
Digital Painting
Personal and commercial environment design work.
Personal experiments portraying the look of different sounds. Worked in Maya to create some procedural animations using Mash which I later edited in After Effects and Photoshop.
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